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EU Science and Innovation Policy Analysis

Policy development provides both opportunities and challenges for the scientific community. The need for understanding and advance intelligence on science and related regualtion and policy developments has never been greater. This is true not only for those who wish to understand policy but also those who wish to contribute to the formation of effective and evidence-based policy options that promote competitiveness and growth as well as addressing societal challenges..

ISC analyzes science, research and innovation related policies for both private and public sector organizations at the EU and member state level. ISC has wide ranging knowledge of EU R&D and science legislation, programs and projects. We put our skills to use to act as a monitor, an auditor and an anticipator of policy.

ISC policy activities include:

  • Policy Monitoring: monitoring of relevant changes and developments in EU policy development at all relevant levels.
  • Policy Audit: identification of opportunities and challenges in upcoming EU legislation; liaising with policy makers, positioning your organisation with regard to policy objectives and introduce targeted policy amendments.
  • Anticipation of policy and funding opportunities: anticipation of appropriate calls for proposals as well as tenders; provision of support on financial and legal procedures for participation in EU programmes.

Dissemination and Communication

Dissemination of information to key actors is crucial to success in R&D policy campaigns. ISC designs and implements science dissemination campaigns targeted at science journalists and main decision-makers to support your R&D strategy. We develop successful communication strategies to increase awareness about excellence in R&D and intellectual property rights for organizations. 

ISC performs the following dissemination activities:

  • Design of public and media relations
  • Implementation of science communication strategies and awareness campaigns
  • Dissemination of your scientific partnership   profile worldwide
  • Promotion of published documents, research results and data etc.
  • Drafting of science policy oriented press releases
  • Management of communication channels among partners and funding organisations to ensure an efficient flow of information.
  • Science events/seminars in Brussels and press conferences to brief key policy and decision makers and promote your R&D and scientific capabilities.

R&D and Innovation Strategy

For an organization that wants to position itself as a source of Europe-wide innovation, an effective R&D and Innovation strategy is essential. Lack of awareness of organizational capabilities, published outputs etc. fundamentally undermines the potential impact of organizational efforts. ISC can develop your R&D and innovation profile for an international global context and implement a strategic plan for science and R&D cooperation with the EU, the European Union Member States and internationally.

ISC specializes in the following R&D and innovation strategies:

  • Technology transfer & technology watch
  • Market access analysis
  • Intellectual Property evaluation, intellectual asset management and patent advise
  • Guidance for research and innovation partnering and consortium building
  • Virtual R&D management
  • Open innovation and Managing R&D networks
  • Set-up and establishment of R&D centres
  • R&D location decisions
  • Cross-border R&D project management
  • Post-merger integration of R&D units
  • Productivity and performance measurement of R&D

Science Diplomacy

Science diplomacy is a key aspect of effective public affairs strategies.  ISC develops effective campaigns covering major legislation at national, European, US and international level. Science and technology policy, R&D and Intellectual Property require a high level of specialization and knowledge. ISC provides unique skill sets to support advocacy with legislators and policy makers.

ISC is positioned to exploit extensive networks in a variety of sectors and institutions to:

  • Develop EU public affairs strategy
  • Create links with Commission, Parliament   and Member  State   officials, National Contact Points and Partner search
  • Brief policy makers on R&D and innovation capabilities