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Research Infrastructures at the French Embassy

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The Research Infrastructures BBMRI and ECRIN are in the centre of the event at the French Embassy.

Prof Kurt Zatloukal, Prof Jacques Demotes-Mainard and Prof Hervé Raoul - the Coordinators of the respective Research Infrastructures -  will give short introductory presentations, followed by their corresponding US counterparts and rounded off by an extensive discussion amongst key policy-makers.


When: morning of the 6th of June

Where: Embassy of France

             4101 Reservoir Rd NW

             Washington D.C. 20007


Day 3 Wednesday, 6th June
                                              ECRIN & BBMRI
09:30 Introduction Sean Kelly, Member of the European Parliament
09:45 The European Infrastructure for Multinational Trials: ECRIN Prof Jacques Demotes, INSERM
10:00 NIH and Global Clinical Trials Dr Susan Shurin, National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, National Institutes of Health
10:15 The OECD Working Group to facilitate Multinational Cooperation in Clinical Trials Dr Ted Trimble, Director of NCI's Center for Global Health
10:30 Clinical Trials as Instruments supporting Evidence-based Medical Practice TBA
10:45 Panel Discussion and Questions from the Audience
11:30 Biobanking and Biomolecular Resources Research Infrastructure Prof Kurt Zatloukal, Medical University of Graz
11:45 BBMRI.se – Example of a National Biobank Hub in Europe Prof Jan-Eric Litton, Karolinska Institutet
11:55 Advancing Research through Better Biospecimen Practices Dr Helen Moore, National Cancer Institute
12:05 Public-Private Partnership in Precompetitive Research – a European Perspective Dr Christian Bréchot, Merieux Institute
12:15 Public-Private Partnership in Precompetitive Research – an American Perspective Dr David Cox, Pfizer
12:25 Panel Discussion and Questions from the Audience