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Capacity Building in Africa: Towards a Stronger Partnership

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Representatives from the EU’s institutions, African embassies based in Brussels, Africa’s regional parliaments, African Science and Research Directors, and leading NGOs will gather at a morning round-table discussion to be held in Brussels. The discussion will centre on forging stronger partnership between Africa, the E.U and the U.S in the fields of security, defence and health. 

The morning’s principal presentation will come from Pax Mondial - a crisis response, stabilisation and development organisation in operation in Africa and around the world. The organisation’s overarching goal is to help individuals and institutions build safe, stable and productive societies and, to this end, it delivers integrated operational support services to enable its partners to build capacities and operate effectively in high-risk environments. Pax Mondial believes strongly that partnership and local ownership of the activities they support are crucial to the long-term success of those efforts, and have therefore developed enduring relationships with local partners in African countries.




Arrive at the Stanhope Hotel to confirm registration

Location: Handelsstraat 9 entrance, Stanhope Hotel

09:30 -

Proceed to Balmoral III, the room hosting the Round-table discussion

Balmoral III, Stanhope Hotel

10:00 - 12:00

Morning Seminar

Keynote Address

His Excellency Prof. Jean-Pierre Ezin, Commissioner for Human Resources, Science and Technology, African Union


Mr Paul Wood, Chief Executive Officer, Pax Mondial Group

Towards a Stronger Partnership with Africa: Stabilisation & Development

Mr Leon S. Waskin, Senior Vice President

Helping to Secure Africa's States

Mr Ben Remfrey, Managing Director of Mine Action, MAT Mondial

Improving Remote Medical Provision in Africa

Mr David Jones, Managing Director of Medical Services, Exmed