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Fifth Astana Economic Forum (AEF), May, 22-24, 2012 in Astana

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The Fifth Astana Economic Forum (AEF) will take place on May, 22-24, 2012 in the centre of Eurasia in Astana. This international platform, organized and conducted with the support and active participation of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev, annually brings together over 5000 delegates from 80 countries, including CEOs, leading politicians, journalists, representatives of business elite, famous scientists and Nobel Prize Laureates.

“It is a role of leading scientists and businessmen to motivate and connect people from various fields. Nobel Prize winners are unique not only for their past contribution but also for their direct and demanding comments, discussions, lectures and meetings, especially with younger generations. Their participation also underlines the intellectual character of the annual Astana Economic Forum” emphasizes Mr Nursultan Nazarbayev, President of Kazakhstan.

To date, 8 Nobel Laureates have already confirmed their presence at V AEF. Robert John Aumann, recipient of the Nobel Memorial Prize for Economics in 2005, will participate in a Euroasian Economic Youth Forum debate about the place and role of youth in economic modernization. Aumann will be joined by Christopher Pissarides, Nobel Prize winner in 2010, in a panel discussion on decent work and global trends in employment, where amongst others, the global policy options to strengthen viable businesses that will contribute to fair globalization, economic prosperity and social justice, will be discussed.

Edward Prescott, Nobel Prize winner in 2004 and Oliver Williamson, Nobel Prize winner in 2009, will discuss effective entrepreneurship and efficient economy. Current problems concerning the development of medicine and the pharmaceutical industry will be addressed by Roger Kornberg, who was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his work on the translation of genetic information. James Heckman, Nobel Prize winner for development of theory and methods for analysing selective samples, will participate in a debate about globalization and the challenges it poses to official statistics.

In addition, Robert Mundell, Nobel Prize winner in Economics for his analysis of monetary and fiscal policy and analysis of optimum currency areas, and John Nash, who won the Nobel Prize in Economy in 1994, will also join the Forum in its ground-breaking debates. In his interview during IV AEF held in 2011, Nash acknowledged: “The Astana Economic Forum is perhaps comparable in significance to a meeting in Davos. Uniting world leading experts in economics, Kazakhstan has once again become an effective dialogue platform. I think this country can serve as an example for development of other countries of the Central Asian region”.

The agenda of the V Forum, consisting of more than 20 sessions, is a reflection of the modern world, covering the most relevant issues of reforming the world monetary system, food security, tourism development, alternative energy, implementation of innovation and attraction of investment. “In my life I participated in many conferences and such events. Their main role and importance is to discuss and exchange ideas. Above all, such informal conversation is very important. Astana offers such an opportunity, gathering us from across the world” explained Robert John Aumann in his interview during IV AEF.

In the past four years, debates held at AEF in many senses formalized constructive solutions for different global problems. These solutions are the main outcome of the Forum and are included in an annual Open Letter to the leaders of the G20 countries.

ISC's contribution to the Forum is through the preparation of input documents focussed on energising science and innovation globally.