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IT Future of Medicine (ITFoM) – European Consortium to Build a “Virtual Patient” Meets in Berlin

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FET Flagship pilot project IT Future of Medicine (ITFoM) will hold the first full consortium meeting  from the 9th to the 10th of February in Berlin. Key agenda items include the presentation and discussion of achievements and further proceedings regarding ITFoM’s medical platform, the frontiers of computational and information science, data integration and modelling as well as ITFoM’s implementation.

When and where?

The consortium meeting will take place at the Conference venue Harnack-House, Berlin.


Who will attend?

The meeting will be organised by the ITFoM Managing office. Around 120 delegates from nearly 70 partner institutions comprising internationally acknowledged researchers from academia and industry from all over Europe and beyond will meet in Berlin to discuss the next steps towards building a ‘virtual patient’ model. Participants include inter alia representatives from the Max Planck Institute for Molecular Genetics, the Medical University of Graz, the University College London, the University of Auckland or ISC.

Purpose of the Meeting

The consortium, coordinated by Prof. Dr. Hans Lehrach from the Max Planck Institute for Molecular Genetics in Berlin will discuss a ten years research program to create the ‘virtual patient’ model and submit this proposal to the European Commission in the frame of the FET flagship program by the end of April 2012.

IT Future of Medicine

The ITFoM partners join their expertise in medicine, biology, technology development and ICT in this initiative as to revolutionise advancements in personalised medicie by creating a ‘virtual patient’. Basis for the ‘virtual patient’ model are the data generated by ‘omics’ technologies giving information not only about the genetic make-up of an individual, but also on the protein and metabolite level which are used as indicators for the health status of a patient. These molecular data will be combined in the model with anatomical and physiological data and information about life style and environment from each patient.

The ‘virtual patient’ model will revolutionize modern health care allowing the practitioner to choose the optimal treatment for each individual and predict future health risks.


Thursday, February 9th 2012,

09:00 -

Welcome coffee, Registration

10:00 -

Welcome Address
Scope of the meeting, Presentation of the current consortium
Hans Lehrach, Coordinator

10:15 -

Overview of the FET Flagship
Program, Timelines, boundary conditions
Ralf Sudbrak

Session 1: Medical Platform, Chair: Kurt Zatloukal (all presentations followed by plenary discussion)

10:30 -

Talk: Presentation of the ITFoM Medical Platform
Kurt Zatloukal

11:00 -

Data management for the ITFoM reference model
Johann Eder

11:30 -

Talk: Translation and implementation in healthcare
Angela Brand

12:00 - Coffee Break

12:30 -

Parallel breakout sessions:
- S1.1:Translation and implementation (Chair: Angela Brand)
- S1.2: Reference data set and planning of ITFoM Pilots (Chair: Kurt Zatloukal)

13:30 -

Wrap up

14:00 - Lunch Break