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Information Technology Future of Medicine Presentation

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The 20th September, the Information Technology Future of Medicine (ITFoM) is organising a presentation in the European Parliament.  ITFoM is a Future and Emerging Technologies (FET) pilot initiative bringing together world leading research groups from across Europe and beyond. It recognises that clinical needs will be the driving force behind future ICT innovation, as data-rich, individualised medicine poses new challenges for ICT, in terms of hardware, storage and communication. Making personalised medicine a reality will thus require fundamental advances in the computational sciences.

The aim of ITFoM is to develop general models of human pathways, tissues, and ultimately of the whole human, to create a “virtual patient” which will enable physicians to identify personalised prevention schedules and treatments adapted to each person. The potential benefits are enormous in terms of reduction of healthcare costs as well as for each individual patient: identification of efficient drug combinations on an individual basis; substantial advances in disease prevention and treatment; better data access and use for health professionals, healthcare systems, and researchers.

The ultimate goals of ITFoM are twofold:
•    To give each doctor the power to analyse his patients’ genome at every stage of disease management, through diagnosis, treatment and follow-up.
•    To enable the connection of high throughput biomolecular characterization and clinical imaging technologies.

ITFoM has been preselected for funding by DG INFSO in the framework of the FET initiative. The presentation aims to raise awareness of the potential of ICT-intensive medical research for drug development and healthcare systems. It will be followed by a dinner debate on the challenges faced by European research, such as the importance of research infrastructures, data protection and intellectual property and international cooperation.

Attendance at the dinner is by invite only



ITFoM Presentation In the European Parliament

Start Time

European Parliament Room JAN 6Q1

Sean Kelly, MEP, Alexandra Thein, MEP

Peter Boyle, Director,  International Prevention Research Institute

Europe 2020 and the Innovation Union (15 min)

The Future and Emerging Technologies flagship initiatives (15 min)
Wolfgang Boch, DG INFSO, Head of unit for FET- proactive

An introduction to the Information Technology Future of Medicine (ITFoM) initiative (10 min)
Prof. Hans Lehrach, Max Planck Institute

Medicine, the main driver of future ICT growth (10 min)

Prof. Hans Westerhoff, University of Manchester

ITFoM within the context of Research Infrastructures (10 min)

Prof. Kurt Zatloukal, Medical University of Graz

Wrap–up for the ITFoM presentations (15 min)

Panel discussion (20 min)

Contributions from the floor (15 min)

General discussion

Dinner Debate at the European Parliament