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A Sustainable Development Infrastructure for Agrifood to Support the SDGs with University College Du

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University College Dublin (UCD) has been working with United Nations and the European Union to address the UN SDGs Goals 2 and 17 through a Sustainable Development Infrastructure in Agrifood (SDIA).

The SDIA aims to be a new model of partnership that brings multi-actor partnerships together combining production strategies, processing optimisation and nutrition impact with sustainable practices across the chain from producer to consumer.  The SDIA will see research and education partners, working with industry, government and NGOs; all as active players and contributors to the partnership. Importantly, each entity will operate with the principles set out in the UN’s SDGs. 

UCD is currently building support for the SDIA initiative globally and the meeting on 21 March will be an opportunity to engage with potential partners in Africa. The roundtable will outline the policy context, including measures to support collaboration between the European Union and African nations. UCD will use the roundtable to explore synergies, to align the interests to work together to develop practical responses to the targets established by SDGs two and 17.  Speakers include:

  • Triona McCormack, Director of Research at University College Dublin
  • Mahama Oeudraogo, Director of Human Resources, Science and Technology Department of the African Union Commission


Ruther inforamtion from: Medhin.Medhin@dfa.ie



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