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Preventing and tackling violent extremism – what works best?

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On 31 May 2017, the IMPACT Europe consortium held a public conference on “Preventing and tackling violent extremism – what works best?” in Brussels.

This event marked the completion of the IMPACT Europe project (http://www.impacteurope.eu/) and brought together policy-makers, practitioners, and researchers to address how violent radicalisation can be countered and how to develop and assess successful interventions.

The event sessions explored the EU and national responses to the current security context, as well as ongoing and emerging measures to support the prevention and countering of violent extremism and radicalisation. The event will also highlighted good practices for better understanding and tackling violent radicalisation and the role and contribution of IMPACT Europe in assessing their effectiveness. Speakers included Ana Gomes MEP, Geoffrey Van Orden MEP, Eva Joly MEP, and Hans Pung from RAND Europe, amongst other policy, academic, and practitioner experts.


Background information:

Tackling violent radicalisation and extremism have been a top priority for the EU and the Member States ever since the 9/11 attacks and the Madrid and London bombings in 2004 and 2005 respectively. Indeed, over the past decade, there has been considerable investment in policies and interventions across Europe aimed at preventing and countering violent radicalisation and extremism. Yet, practitioners within Member States often still find it challenging to measure the effectiveness of their work and to learn from it.

In an attempt to contribute to the ongoing efforts within Europe to establish ‘what works’ in preventing and tackling violent radicalisation and extremism, IMPACT Europe aims to help evaluators, policy-makers, frontline workers and academics working in these fields. Specifically, IMPACT Europe has developed an electronic, evaluation toolkit that enables the evaluation of policies and interventions preventing and tackling violent radicalisation and extremism. The toolkit also helps professionals in the public and voluntary sectors to integrate promising practice into the design and implementation of new programmes.


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