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The Future of (Bio)Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

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(bio)Pharma Ireland organized a high-level seminar entitled “The Future of (Bio)Pharmaceutical Manufacturing”, which took place on 28 February 2017 in Thon Hotel EU in Brussels.


Exploring advanced drug manufacturing from the perspective of research organizations and industry, the seminar addressed the enabling policy and regulatory environment required for innovative pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical manufacturing process that would support quality healthcare delivery in Europe.


The pharmaceutical sector is one of Europe’s top performing high-tech sectors, yet recently we can see a decline in annual projected pharma R&D returns and a growing gap between support for scientific and engineering programmes for drugs discovery and manufacture. Emerging innovative therapies, medicines development, and other disruptive changes the sector is facing will require a sustained research-based drug manufacturing process. (bio)Pharma Ireland argues that a strong EU-based (bio)pharmaceutical manufacturing industry would be able to secure timely supply of medicines and contribute to Europe’s future competitiveness and innovation.


The seminar’s objective was to bring together policy- and decision-makers, industry R&D and academia, and other relevant stakeholder organizations in order to discuss a roadmap for innovation in (bio)pharmaceutical manufacturing.


The final agenda, the speakers' bios, and presentations are attached in the "Downloads" section below.



(bio)Pharma Ireland was formed in 2015 to highlight the collective research priorities and industrial capabilities of the Irish (bio)pharmaceutical sector within the European community, encourage research collaborations and opportunities, and ultimately contribute to the development of European policy. The working group, coordinated and chaired by the SSPC, has representation from pharmaceutical industry: BiopharmaChemical Ireland (BPCI); government agencies: Science Foundation Ireland, Enterprise Ireland and the IDA; and academic research organisations: the Synthesis and Solid State Pharmaceutical Centre (SSPC), National Institute for Bioprocessing Research and Training (NIBRT), and the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and Technology Centre (PMTC).



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