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Role of Satellite Navigation Systems and Space Applications in the Future EU Defence and Related R&D

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ISC in collaboration with Mr Bogdan Andrzej Zdrojewski MEP is hosting a seminar “The Role of Satellite Navigation Systems and Space Applications in the Future EU Defence and Related R&D”.

The seminar will provide an opportunity to reflect on the role of space-based technologies in Europe and explore the potential of defence and related R&D activities, focusing on space applications and services, in addressing the EU’s defence and security capabilities.

The timing of the seminar coincides with several relevant developments: a report on Space capabilities for European security and defence, recognizing that space capabilities for European security and defence are appropriate for a range of situations, ranging from day-to-day peacetime use over crisis management to full-scale warfare, and that development of such capabilities is a long term venture, was recently discussed in the European Parliament. The discussion over the draft report also tackled the need for a stronger cooperation between the EU and NATO in the area of security and defence.

Moreover, European Commission is committed to present A Space Strategy for Europe in 2016. Along strengthening Galileo and Copernicus, and a corollary strategy for the uptake of space data and services, Commission is determined to address other areas of strategic importance: tap the commercial potential of space applications and services; endure a non-dependent, reliable and cost-effective access to space; increase the synergies between space and defence; continue efforts to support space research and, finally, address the question of the governance of space in Europe.

Last but not least, following the European Council Conclusions of 20 December 2013, calling for setting up of a Preparatory Action on CSDP-related research, the European Defence Agency is working closely with the European Commission on establishing the Preparatory Action to be launched in 2017. Preparatory Action could pave the way to a complete EU defence R&D programme within the Multi-annual Financial Framework (MFF 2021-2027).

The seminar, which will address and explore the abovementioned issues, will bring together EU policy- and decision-makers and industry representatives involved and interested in the topic.