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Circular Science: Role of S&T in UN’s Post-2015 Sustainable Development Goals 21-22 Sep 2015, NY

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On 21 and 22 Sep 2015 ISC will organise in New York City a series of seminars entitled Circular Science: A New Paradigm for Post-2015, as part of “Global Science Collaboration” (GSC), the initiative led by ISC.


Organised on margins of the opening of the 70th General Assembly of the United Nations, and in the run up to the UN Summit for the adoption of the post-2015 development agenda, the Circular Science seminars will aim at achieving two major goals: firstly, international research organisations, non-profits and private corporations will present key science initiatives and their contribution to addressing global challenges and, by extension, support economic growth and development; secondly, taking advantage of the presence of the policy-makers, representatives of science ministries and officials from international organisations, the enabling policy and regulatory environment will be addressed as necessary to implement the aforementioned initiatives and achieve their expected impacts, especially with a view to meeting the new Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s).


The series consists of seminars which will bring together representatives of organisations from private, public and non-governmental sectors. Among expected topics are health research from the point of view of connectivity, infrastructure and capabilities; the policy basis for science capacity building and operation; new global framework for sharing of space technology and data standards to serve nation’s safety, security and socio-economic needs; big data and data analytics as key drivers for global innovation; energy-related stakes and relations in developed and developing economies, as well as a sustainable access to food and water for tackling climate change. The seminars will be accompanied by networking events as per invitation.


Circular Science follows the “EU Science: Global Challenges, Global Collaboration” conference (ES:GC2), held in Brussels in March 2013, which brought together 1000+ scientists, policymakers and industry to discuss developing research capacity available, through global collaboration, to address global challenges. ISC organizes GSC-dedicated topical seminars in Europe and globally, which focus on contemporary science and research collaboration mechanisms in addressing global challenges.


Inspired by the model of the circular economy, ISC promotes the notion of a circular, iterative and democratic, instead of a linear, finite and hierarchical process of doing science. ISC believes that combining diversity of views on how to foster and implement research and innovation for attaining the SDG’s with ground-breaking thought-leadership needs to underpin the global debate on the role of the international organisations like the UN, the African Union and the European Union, in providing solutions to global challenges. Whereas the circular economy considers resources retransformation as a way to achieve its final goal of ideal sustainability, the Circular Science approach attempts to position scientific global cooperation as a method to implement the new SDGs in a more balanced, democratic and economically efficient way.


This series of events follows two seminars dedicated to the role of science and innovation in development policy organised on 23 October 2014 and 21 January 2015, titled respectively “EU Development Aid: Future Challenges and Opportunities within Development Cooperation Instruments” and “EU Development Aid: Experiences and Recommendations from Stakeholders Driving Science and Innovation”. The latter meeting was hosted by Member of the European Parliament, Ms Catherine Bearder, at the European Parliament in Brussels. ISC also organised on 14 July a side event entitled “AERAP: Investing in science infrastructure” during the Third International Conference on Financing for Development, in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.


If you wish to get involved in these seminars, please, contact us as soon as possible for discussing the forms of your engagement.

Programmes and concepts of the individual seminars will be posted soon on ISC website. Registration will be individual for each seminar or group of seminars.

Venue of the seminars will be located in central Manhattan.

 For further information, please, contact:

Declan Kirrane

ISC Intelligence in Science

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Magdalena Pacholska

ISC Intelligence in Science

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