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Systems Biology Breakfast meeting: Industry Focus

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On the 2nd June 2015 the Infrastructure for Systems Biology Europe (ISBE) will organise a breakfast event in Brussels to present the results of the survey carried out to industrial participation in the systems biology in Europe and life science community as well as the overall achievements so far in building the ISBE research infrastructure. A discussion about industry needs and their involvement in the next steps of the infrastructure will also take place.

The Infrastructure for Systems Biology Europe (ISBE) which is an EU funded project under the European Commission’s 7th Framework Programme (FP7) is currently in the preparatory phase. The overall goal of the ISBE infrastructure is to create a pan-European infrastructure for systems biology that empowers scientists to understand living organisms to a much higher level of precision and in a predictive way. http://project.isbe.eu/

Carole Goble CBE, Professor of Computer Science at the University of Manchester and a senior member of the ISBE consortium, will chair the event and ISBE representatives from a number of leading systems biology centres in Europe, including the UK, Germany, Netherlands and Ireland, will be in attendance.

Target audience of this event are industry, European Commission officials, ISBE representatives and relevant associations.

Location: ISC Intelligence in Science

Address : Rue du Trône 4, 1000 Brussels

Date: 2nd June 2015

Time: 8.30 to 12.30 am


Systems Biology Industry Breakfast
Time -
8h30 - 8h45
Welcome and introduction of participants

Declan Kirrane, ISC Intelligence in Science

8h45 - 9h
Presentation of the ISBE project

William Fitzmaurice, project officer for Systems Biology Ireland

9h - 9h20
Presentation of the Industry Survey Results

Pilar Gomez, ISC Intelligence in Science

9h20 - 9h45
Questions from the floor
9h45 - 10h
ISBE next steps

Professor Carole Goble, University of Manchester

10h - 11h30
Global discussion. Points:
    •Industry needs in Systems Biology
    •ISBE proposed services
    •Industry potential role in ISBE