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Neurobiotech Press Conference at the European Parliament, 2 April 2014

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Brussels, March 19, 2014: Neuromed and ISC will organize a press conference at the European Parliament on 2nd April to brief European media about the R&D and Innovation capabilities of Neuromed.

The Neuromed-led project "Neurobiotech" is aimed at setting up an International Research and Innovation Community on Neuroscience.  Neurobiotech will be a scientific cluster where research, innovation, technology transfer and training will be focused on the common goal of sharing and integrating knowledge, stimulating research activities in the field of Neuroscience with a multidisciplinary approach, by encouraging research, exchange of know-how, intensive interaction and the joint use of infrastructures, facilities and services with high added value. 

Neurobiotech is promoted by Neuromed, a research centre recognized by the Italian Ministry of Health as highly qualified research and clinical organization specialized in Neuroscience in cooperation with the Molise Regional Government, the Italian National Research Council, the Universities of Rome Sapienza, Tor Vergata and Molise. Several foreign research centres and companies have already agreed to participate in the cluster.

Speakers of the Press Conference will include:

  • Aldo Patriciello, MEP
  • Jacopo Meldolesi - Chief Scientific Officer Neurobiotech Project
  • Paolo di Laura Frattura - President of Molise Region
  • Gianmaria Palmieri- Rector of University of Molise
  • Luigi Frati - Rector of University of Roma "Sapienza"
  • Carla Andreani, University of Roma "Tor Vergata", Rector Delegate for Research Infrastructures
  • Antonio Simeone - CNR President Delegate - IGB Director
  • Emilia Belfiore, Head of R&D Office Neuromed
  • Declan Kirrane, ISC Intelligence in Science


The Molise Regional Government, as partner of the project, will consider the proposal as a pilot project for the definition of the strategic framework of the regional cohesion policy.  Within the framework of the Neurobiotech cluster, the Molise region has set aside financial resources for companies and research centres wishing to invest in Molise, therefore, contributing to a knowledge-based economy. It will be the first experiment of integrating European resources managed both by the European Commission and Local Authorities.

The research and innovation activities will be directed towards the development of the following fields of specialisation:

Cutting-edge Neuroscience and Biotechnology;


Stem cells, Tissue engineering and Cell biology;


Nanotechnology and Biomaterials;

Biomechanics and Robotics;

Human Brain Interface;


Telemedicine and Telediagnostics;



Advanced Imaging


The press conference will be an excellent platform for media and interested stakeholders to learn about the R&D and Innovation capabilities of Neuromed in general and Neurobiotech specifically. Media will also have the opportunity to ask questions and conduct interviews.


Date and Time: 2nd April, 14.00 - 15.00

Location: European Parliament, Room PHS A50

Registration: Please see the form below. Registation will remain opened until Tuesday 1 April.



Media Inquiries

Declan Kirrane

ISC Intelligence in Science

Email: declan.kirrane@iscintelligence.com

Tel: +32 2 8888 100





Jessica Hadjis

ISC Intelligence in Science

Email: jessica.hadjis@iscintelligence.com

Phone: +32 2 8888 100

Mob: +32 487 163 107



Editor’s Note


Assistance, Research, Training & Education 

The Neuromed Institute is a center dedicated exclusively to monospecialisti Neurology, Neurosurgery and Neurorehabilitation. At the clinic, specialists of the afore mentioned disciplines work in synergy and conduct collaborative scientific research activities.

Further information: http://www.neuromed.it/?lang=en