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Tissue based biomarkers for advancement of personalized cancer treatment

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A number of recent papers state that medical scientific literature reports results that cannot be reproduced. Important institutions and scientific committees judge that the level of a large part of many clinical biomarker research studies are “deemed to be of fair to marginal quality”and are not sufficient to make serious diagnostic application decision. Even more there are complaints that the time to develop diagnostic and predictive biomarkers today is too long and the procedure is too complex, and this damages the patients’ opportunities. Usually prospective approaches in clinical trials are very expensive and the time of the followup is too short. On the other hand, retrospective studies called “convenience studies” are mostly notreproducible for many reasons related to the choice of patients, the design of the studies and the technical performance.

The first general discussion on the issue of of tissue based biomarkers for advancement of personalized cancer treatment will be held in Graz on 28 and 29 March 2014 with the joint participation of most European Organizations interested in this type of development and with Stakeholder Associations. The outcome of these discussions should lay the foundation for a white paper on the use of archived tissue for the development of tissue-based biomarkers for the advancement of personalized medicine. 


When: 28-29 March 2014

Where: Graz, Austria


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