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ALECSO to host first Forum for Scientific Research and Sustainable Development

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Tunis, Tunisia, November 30, 2013 : the Arab League Educational, Cultural & Scientific Organization (ALECSO), in cooperation with ISC Brussels, will host the first “Arab Forum for Scientific Research and Sustainable Development,” to be held in Tunis, Tunisia, on 20-22 December 2013.
ALECSO is a Tunis-based institution of the Arab League dedicated to promoting regional synergies in education, culture and science, comprised of 22 member states. It was established in accordance with article 3 of the Arab Cultural Unity Charter by an announcement made in Cairo, Egypt, on 25 July 1970.
ALECSO undertakes many tasks which include mainly developing the Arab human resources, enhancing education, culture, sciences, environment and communication in the Arab world, promoting Arabic and the Arab-Islamic culture inside the Arab world and abroad and bridging the gap between the Arab culture and other world cultures as far as dialogue and cooperation are concerned.
Capitalising on its strategic location, the Arab Forum for Scientific Research and Sustainable Development will promote the role of global science collaboration in relation to four core regional development priorities: health, renewable energy, food and climate. It aims to promote international and interdisciplinary networks and partnerships to support existing Arab development initiatives and to integrate them into the global market.
ALECSO welcomes this collaborative effort with the EU and the chance to position Tunisia as the international community’s “gateway” to new and developing markets throughout the Arab world.  
Among the participants, the forum will engage representatives of the Presidency of the Republic of Tunisia, the General Secretariat of the League of Arab States, the various Arab ministries, over 100 Arab research and higher education institutes, top executives of international companies specialising in science and technological innovations and representatives of development policy and regional industry.
While maintaining its regional focus, the forum will call on the contribution of representatives of the EU institutions as well as experts in the international science, industry, academic and Arab Diaspora communities.
On this, Prof. A. H. Elbadri, Head of Science & Scientific Research Dept., ALECSO said, “The first Forum will be held in ALECSO host country, Tunisia, as the first of meetings to be hosted by one of the 22 member states every year” and that, “hundreds of stakeholders such as Ministers, academics, scientists, and private sector from the Arab region are expected to attend. European stakeholders such as European Union representatives are also invited to attend as one of the goals of the Forum is to increase EU-Arab League cooperation.”
Prof Elbadri also highlighted the opportunities the Forum will bring to region, “The Forum will explore the role of higher education, research and development activities in cultivating sustainable, innovative and knowledge-based societies throughout the Arab world. The priorities and objectives of the Forum are to reach a common agreement for sustainable development in the Arab region as well as to bridge the gap between the Arab culture and other world cultures regarding dialogue and cooperation.”
The format of the forum will comprise of facilitated workshops, roundtable meetings, break-out discussion sessions, technical and specialised training courses, and exhibitions, among others, to provide an optimal platform for partnerships between public, private and research sectors on a regional and global scale.
For further clarification or inquiry, please do not hesitate to contact event coordinator, Ms Karolina Krzastek at karolina.krzastek@iscintelligence.com
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Editor’s Note
The Arab League Educational, Cultural and Scientific Organization (ALECSO) is a Tunis-based institution of the Arab League, established in accordance with article 3 of the Arab Cultural Unity Charter by an announcement made in Cairo, Egypt, on 25 July 1970. ALECSO works to coordinate cultural and educational activities in the Arab world.
Among its various activities, subsidiary ALECSO institutions have been established across the Arab world:
  • Arab Centre for Arabization, Translation, Authorship and Publication
  • Arabization Coordination Bureau
  • Institute of Arab Manuscripts
  • Institute of Arab Research and Studies
  • International Institute for the Arabic Language
Further information: http://www.alecso.org.tn/lng/index.php?lang=en

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