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Transatlantic Science Forum high-level policy meeting

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Following the recent developments regarding the TTIP, ISC has launched the Transatlantic Science Forum (TSF) to explore the implications for science collaboration of the planned partnership. The TSF will monitor progress of the partnership and will analyse the potential impact of the proposed measures. The outcome will be a report presenting a series of recommendations to improve the enabling policy and regulatory framework for public and private investment in collaborative science in an eventual free trade zone between the EU and the US.

The Transatlantic Science Forum (TSF) is a group dedicated to discussing how the Final Report of the United States-European Union High Level Working Group on Jobs and Growth, commonly known as the proposed US-EU Free Trade agreement can lead to further transatlantic science collaboration between:

·         Scientists and Representatives of Research & Academia

·         Members of the European Parliament

·         Parliamentarians of national Parliaments of EU Member States

·         Members of Congress

·         Representatives of Industry

·         Representatives of Stakeholder Organisations


This holistic approach is intended to build on the participation between research and science programmes and to enhance the transatlantic collaboration in science, technology, research and innovation. The TSF will meet in Washington, D.C. and Brussels and will produce a report enumerating the TSF’s recommendations which will feed into the formal negotiation process.

A TSF high-level policy meeting will take place on 12 November at the European Parliament in Brussels to concretely discuss the themes established during the wide-ranging consultation. 

At this high-level event, the forum will explore the implications of science collaboration in the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership in the following themes:

·         Health R&D

·         Data Protection

·         Big Data

·         Research Infrastructure and Capacity Building

·         Agriculture


For more information about this meeting, please visit the TSF website at: http://www.tsciencef.org/event.php?id=2