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Seminar: Policies for active ageing: moving towards solutions to increase healthy life years

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 Brussels, 27 September, 2013: ISC and The Irish Longitudinal Study on Ageing (TILDA) are organising a seminar chaired by Ms Emer Costello, MEP, on “Policies for active ageing: moving towards solutions to increase healthy life years” on 2 October 2013, 15:00, at the European Parliament.

TILDA is a longitudinal study of the health, social and economic circumstances of a representative sample of over 8500 people aged 50 years and older in Ireland that aims to understand the health, social and financial circumstances of the older Irish population and how these factors interact.

Led by Professor Rose Anne Kenny, Trinity College Dublin (TCD), in collaboration with an internationally renowned multidisciplinary team of researchers in ageing, evidence from TILDA will help shape policies for active ageing and increased healthy life years.

Key findings to date emphasise the enormous contribution that older persons make to society in Ireland, major opportunities to improve health risk factors which prevent heart disease, stroke, falls and dementia, and opportunities to improve pension and financial literacy.

The TILDA study will demonstrate how such societal swings over a short timeframe can influence everything from attitudes and mental and physical health to pension planning, employment and emigration.

The purpose of the seminar on October 2 is to introduce the study and raise awareness of the significance of the initiative and to point out the importance of evidence based policy making. 

Ms Emer Costello, MEP, will act as Chair and open the seminar followed by speakers from Trinity College Dublin and AbbVie Ireland who will discuss demographic change, the determinants of active ageing and how TILDA can inform on health, environment, pensions, technology and services to increase a healthy life for EU citizens. Dr Maria Theofilatou from the European Commission’s DG for Research & Innovation will contribute her perspective on the topic at the end of the seminar.

Speakers include:

  • Professor Rose Anne Kenny (Principal Investigator and founder of TILDA)
  • Professor Alan Barrett (Head of the Economic Analysis Division at the Economic and Social Research Institute)
  • Professor Ian Robertson (Founding director of Trinity College Institute of Neuroscience)
  • Professor Fiona Newell (Associate Professor in the School of Psychology, TCD)
  • Professor Charles Normand (Edward Kennedy Professor of Health Policy and Management at Trinity College Dublin)
  • Professor Richard Reilly (Professor of Neural Engineering and Ageing)
  • Mr Ryan Quigley (General Manager AbbVie Ireland)
  • Dr Maria Theofilatou, European Commission, DG Research & Innovation

The research project will provide policymakers and service providers with in–depth and reliable information needed to plan for the future needs of older people.  

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Editor’s Note
The Irish LongituDinal Study on Ageing (TILDA) is a study of a representative cohort of over 8500 people resident in Ireland aged 50+, charting their health, social and economic  circumstances over a 10-year period. The second wave of data collection commenced this year. TILDA is unique amongst longitudinal studies internationally in the breadth of physical, mental health and cognitive measures collected.