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About ISC


ISC is an advisory firm specializing in science, technology and R&D research and policy. ISC provides intelligence on science and innovation policy and programmes and has over a decade of experience in innovation policy and science communication at European and international level.

The development of science and innovation policy in Europe takes place in a complex institutional setting. The web of actors that contribute to innovation policy ranges from EU and international level to national level to private entities and the media. With such a diverse structure of opportunity, it is vital for all of those in the science and technology community – from policymakers to researchers - to equip themselves with an effective communications strategy.

ISC serves science and technology communities to build an understanding of their research and innovation activities amongst citizens, industry, media and decision-makers. ISC expertise is utilized by policymakers, scientific and contract research organizations, industry, intellectual property professionals, academic institutions, technology transfer experts and many others involved in R&D and innovation processes.

Cooperation with ISC

ISC works with our clients to secure funding through EU funding mechanisms. Because of the economic advantages that result from innovation-based sustainable growth, the EU is keen on funding research and innovation and ISC serves as a partner in creating a R&D strategy complemented by ISC’s expertise in project management and dissemination of knowledge. ISC has expertise in strategies in many fields, including but not limited to health, security, energy and intellectual property. ISC tailors an R&D strategy for every client which includes proposals for various funding opportunities within the EU. ISC specialises in finding the best funding opportunities and partnerships with other institutions for proposal submissions.

1.    Project Management:
       •    Coordinating of the proposal and work plans and packages
       •    Budget
       •    Proposal submission
       •    IP assessment
       •    Rules for participation
       •    Available financial instruments
       •    Report

2.    R&D strategy:
       •    Defining your R&D strategy
       •    Impact of regulations
       •    Evaluation Mechanisms
       •    Funding assessments
       •    Competitive intelligence

3.    Disseminating Knowledge:
       •    Media outreach to publications to prominent media outlets
       •   Organization of events centred around research and results
       •    Connecting clients with European policymakers
       •    Showcase the contributions to standards and policy developments
       •    Risk assessment and related communication strategy