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A New Era for Africa-EU Science and Innovation Partnerships Extending cooperation opportunities for EU-AU science


Science at UNGA75 Global Science Collaboration Conference


Genomics and Horizon Europe: making the promise real New approach to health care using the knowledge of an individual's genomic make-up


ISC GDPR Seminar: The impact of the GDPR on health research Brussels, 19 November 2019


AI & Machine Learning for Digital Pathology Medical University Graz New Med Campus, Neue Stiftingtalstrasse 2, Graz


African - European Astronomy Partnership Seminar and Networking Reception Brussels, 10 April 2019


Data for sustainable health development: the example of digital pathology and Artificial Intelligenc UCD, Dublin 2 April 2019


A Sustainable Development Infrastructure for Agrifood to Support the SDGs with University College Du Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, 21 March 2019.


iCRAG Geosciences Seminar, 26 February 2019 Brussels 26 February 2019


Future direction of European Union defence research Brussels, 4 February 2019


Contribution of EU Research and Innovation to the UN’s SDGs This seminar will be a timely exploration of the potential for synergies between the EU and UN as well and to further understanding of the contribution of science to the SDGs

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